Be a volunteer

Pulse FM Radio

Pulse FM Radio is a community run radio station committed to providing communication via media access to people with passion for community and radio . To accommodate this Pulse FM Radio opens the doors to a wide diversity of positions for volunteers to find niche.

Be involved in radio is being an active member of community. Meet like-minded passionate people, play a role in decision making and knowing that you are making a difference to all. Here at Pulse FM Radio, we value our volunteers as we value our community.

These are some of the areas they you can be involved:

  • Research community events
  • Social media
  • Local Sports
  • Fundraising – events,
  • Outside Broadcasting
  • I.T. – advice and support
  • Management committee
  • Podcasting – editing , producing and uploading programs as podcasts
  • Promotions – publicity, marketing, merchandise, design
  • Office work – general day to day administration
  • Website design and maintenance.

If you’re interested in programming, general volunteering, radio training, or have an idea for a new program you will need to fill out the volunteer registration form and one of our team will contact you shortly.

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