Mike Jefferys

Pulse FM Radio

Communications Advocate

Mike started in media as a radio announcer at age 17.

Over the years he has hosted his own Tonight Show on regional TV, written for newspapers and magazines, appeared on network television panel programmes and spoken to all kinds of people from many different walks of life including:

Paul McCartney, Agnetha (from Abba), Mick Jagger, Bette Midler, David Bowie, Brooke Shields, Bob Hope, Tina Turner, Jack Nicholson, Cybill Shepherd, Alan Alda, Jennifer Grey, Rowan Atkinson, Joanne Woodward, Chevy Chase, Loretta Swit, Chuck Norris, Jodie Foster…

…as well as politicians, scientists, sex workers, churchmen, criminals, sports stars and thousands of regular folks in his capacity as a talk radio host.

He has been networked to large audiences: his national program on Sunday morning on the ABC had a million listeners Australia wide, although that was a modest gathering compared to a program he co-hosted for the BBC which apparently had an audience of thirty million.

However, it’s Mike’s opinion that while the size of the audience may be important in commercial terms, every radio broadcast is one on one from a person on the air to a person listening.

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