Cathy Stevenson

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Public Officer

Before I was a Solicitor, I was a journalist and an artist. Recently, I have gone back to painting and I am currently building an art studio.

I have been practising law for 10 years and opened my own legal practice 5 years ago. As lawyers, we work very long hours, and we dedicate our time to people who are suffering with problems on a daily basis. So, at Cathy Stevenson and Associates, our turnover of clients is at a rapid pace. We try to get the work completed quickly so people can move on with their lives. While I respect traditional law, we do however, have a more holistic approach.

This is what makes us different, we are professional yet approachable and we generally do care about our clients and our community. Mentoring young ones is another way we help students to become better lawyers.

I am a big supporter of my local community and offer 24/7 free legal advice and support on 0468 916 723. We are a modern legal practice, and over the years have won awards. I have an amazing team of people and we pride ourselves on helping others, which is why we do, what we do.

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