Pulse FM Radio

PulseFM Radio

… is live streaming to you digitally 24/7.

PulseFM Radio is comprised of Community members and businesspeople in the community. The mindset of our Board and presenters , is to produce a quality well informed radio station for the community in the Hawkesbury 24/7, no changing between one radio station to another. Here at PulseFM Radio we give you the consistence and continuity of the number 1 radio station of your choice.

Playing the music loved by the local community, we provide a broad range of programming – interviews, special presentations, genre-based music programs and also networked programs from the Community radio broadcasting Association of Australia.

PulseFM Radio has relationships with many community organisations and is involved regularly in community events, sporting ,outside broadcasts, and promotions.

Our staff of volunteers are passionate about what we do and are committed to serving the Hawkesbury community and making sure we get it right for you. The combined radio experience of our on-air presenters adds up to more than half a century. Our studios are local, our presenters are local, and our focus is local. Our door are open to your suggestions, as they are the building block to a great Community Radio station.

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